Theses & Dissertations

Here is a partial list of papers written by students, researchers and other collaborators with the Powell Center, showing the range of topics being researched at the center.

Building Information Modeling

  • Guidelines for Using Building Information Modeling for the Design and Construction of Educational Facilities
    Authors: MORENO,CRISTINA E Type: M.S.C.M Thesis  Year: 2014 / Chair: Dr.OLBINA,SVETLANA

Building Materials

Building Standards

Construction and Demolition Waste


  • Design for Adaptive Reuse and Deconstruction Using BIM Software
    Authors:MARTINEZ,ANIEL / Type:M.S.C.M Thesis / Year: 2014 / Chair: Dr.KIBERT,CHARLES JOSEPH


Environmental Literacy

Green Buildings

Green Economics


Indoor Environmental Quality

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

  • Application of LCA Tools in Assessing the Decommissioning Energy of Buildings: a Case Study
    Authors: DAEIMOJDEHI,PARNA/ Type: M.S.B.C. Thesis / Year: 2014 / Chair: Dr. CHINI,ABDOL REZA
  • Characterization of the Impacts of the Built Environment on the Hydrologic Cycle for Life Cycle Assessment
    Authors: CASTRO-RAVENTOS,R/ Type: Ph.D. Thesis / Year: 2014 / Chair: Dr. RIES,ROBERT

Lighting/Day lighting

  • Integrated model for selection of daylighting systems for educational facilities
    Authors:HU,JIA / Type:Ph.D. Thesis / Year: 2013 / Chair: Dr.OLBINA,SVETLANA



  • Space Level Plug Load Densities for Energy Analysis: Educational Buildings in University Campus
    Authors: MAHAJAN,VISHAL KISHOR / Type: M.S.C.M Thesis / Year: 2014 / Chair: Dr.SRINIVASAN,RAVI SHANKAR

Rating Systems

  • The Feasibility of the Living Building Challenge at the University of Florida
    Authors: Riley Hunt / Type: M.S.C.M. Thesis / Year: 2015 / Chair: Dr.KIBERT,CHARLES JOSEPH
  • LEED: Is it Adequate?
    Authors: Greg Smith / Type: M.S.B.C Thesis / Year: 2007 / Chair: Dr.Charles Kibert


  • Sustainable and Resilient Earthen Masonry Systems: Enhancing Strength Properties and Flexural Performance using Polypropylene Fibers
    Authors: DONKOR,PETER / Type: Ph.D. Thesis / Year: 2014 / Chair: Dr.OBONYO,ESTHER ADHIAMBO
  • Passive survivability for single family home construction in Florida
    Authors: Andrew Mejia / Type: M.S.B.C Thesis / Year: 2008 / Chair: Dr.Charles Kibert

Sustainable Design

Sustainable Development

  • Analysis of Sustainable Development Ordinances in Florida
    Authors: Nathalie Vergoulis Type: M.S.C.M Thesis Year: 2015 / Chair: Dr.Charles Kibert

Sustainable Housing

Urban Planning

Water Conservation



  • AIA Contracts and Delivery Methods
    Authors:  Max Welch / Type: M.S.C.M. Thesis. / Year: 2015 / Chair: Dr.KIBERT,CHARLES JOSEPH