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Project Name: Solar Technology and Power Generation in Closed Landfills RFP#45

The purpose of this study is to provide economic evaluation tools for solar technology in a closed landfill setting. The effort has three primary goals:

  • Identify a case study to determine the opportunities for, and barriers to, alternative power generation related to closed landfills,
  • Determine the hurdles and benefits of installing solar generation technology in a closed landfill setting, and
  • Develop a methodology based on business case factors for existing and near-to-close facilities regarding the financial appropriateness for developing solar farms on a specific sites in Florida.

Principal Investigators

  1. Dr. Charles Kibert – Ph.D., P.E. Holland Professor, Powell Center for Construction & Environment, University of Florida (ckibert@ufl.edu)
  2. Dr. Jim Sullivan – Ph.D., Director of Undergraduate Programs, Rinker School, University of Florida (sullj@ufl.edu)

First TAG Meeting Presentation:

Meeting Duration: 40 minutes

Solar Landfill Jan 29th 2015 (PowerPoint Presentation)

Past Projects:

Impact Analysis of LEED Based Design and Construction on Construction Waste Rates: A University of Florida Based Research Study

Project Summary

This research effort focuses the need to analyze construction waste diversion methods and to determine a best management practice guidelines and plan to support Florida counties in their attempt to divert landfill waste by 75% by the year 2020. The deliverables for this study are as follows:

  • Document analyzing and defining the costs associated with construction waste diversion including transportation and labor costs.
  • Produce detailed plan and cost estimate by diversion strategy. Plan shall include labor, equipment, material and marketing potential for each strategy.
  • Create an awareness plan. Reach out to county sectors and instruct on use of better waste management practices and 75% goal.

Research Sponsored by Hinkley Center