A Brief Timeline

1991: Formation of Powell Center
1993-8: ASTM and USGBC activities in developing the LEED rating system
1993: First local ‘green’ building in Gainesville: Summer House
1994: 1st International Conference on Sustainable Construction held in Tampa, Florida
1995: First University of Florida (UF) sustainability course offered, BCN6585: Principles of Sustainable Construction
1996: Green Building Materials ’96 Conference in Gainesville, Florida
1997: Formation of Greening UF in 1997
1997: “Greening Federal Facilities” produced for the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP)
1998: Publication of ” Turning Brownfields into Community Assets
1999: “Reshaping the Built Environment” edited by Charles Kibert, published as an edited volume by Island Press
1999: First undergraduate course in sustainability at UF, BCN 1582: International Sustainable Construction
2001: “Construction Ecology and Metabolism” lead editor Charles Kibert published by Spon Ltd, in England
2002: Second graduate course in sustainable construction offered, BCN 6586: Construction Ecology ad Metabolism
2002: Sustainable Construction (SCN) track in the UF Building Construction Masters program
2003: Rinker Hall completed, occupied and certified as a LEED Gold building.
2003: TG 39 International Conference on Deconstruction formed at CIB, led by Dr. Abdol Chini
2004: New graduate course in sustainable construction, BCN 6580: Green Building Delivery Systems
2005: UF Office of Sustainability established
2005: “Sustainable Construction: Green Building Design and Delivery” written by Charles Kibert and published by John Wiley & Sons
2008: Second edition of “Sustainable Construction: Green Building Design and Delivery” published by John Wiley & Sons
2009: The Powell Center reaches the 5,000 student level for the “Learning to LEED” course
2011: “Working toward Sustainability: Ethical Decision Making in a Technological World” written by Kibert, Monroe, Peterson, Plate, and Thiele published by John Wiley & Sons
2012: Third edition of “Sustainable Construction: Green Building Design and Delivery” published by John Wiley & Sons
2012: The Powell Center and the Cross Creek Initiative collaborate with the Green Building Initiative (GBI) to offer a Green Globes Professional (GGP) course