iiSBE Net Zero Built Environment 2014 Symposium

17th Rinker International Conference

The iiSBE nZBE 2014 Symposium is an opportunity for design professionals, researchers, industry, and government to exchange information on research, case studies, and emerging best practices centered on the net zero built environment concept strategy.  Although net zero energy is the major theme, the working group also invites collaboration on other net zero concepts such  as net zero water, net zero carbon, net zero emissions, and others.

The Florida Net Zero Energy Schools Initiative (FNZESI) is being organized as part of the Symposium to stimulate the development of Net Zero Energy Schools in Florida.  We are inviting architects, engineers, school board districts, state officials, and solar developers from around the US who have experience with Net Zero Energy Schools to share case studies and lessons learned with their Florida counterparts.

March 6-7, 2014

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